The City’s Reason

whatiforangeWhat if a majority of citizens woke up and realized that there are no “free markets,” except for nature (and even it has its own rules)? What if citizens realized that societies and governments and market economies NEED rules? They can’t exist without RULES. And what if citizens demanded that they have a say in making the rules?

the-reasonWhat if these new covenants were written by the people and for the people — not by the corporations or the plutocracy?

What if we demand that our communities/cities be set up with systems that guaranteed us the right to work together to have our biological, security and higher needs met?

Isn’t that really the city’s reason?

What if citizens created a new and sustainable society that was a truly “Fair Game Democracy?”

What if citizens made it clear that we understand the power we have “together?” And what if we made it clear that if we don’t have the people’s needs met, the reason for us to peacefully congregate and cooperate will be gone?

What if a group of heroes became the catalysts for these new covenants? What if they worked to change the current game (our current economic and political systems) – for the good of the game – using the rules of the game -(and maybe a little more) to create the next phases of human opportunity and freedom?

That’s the story Gateway-TCR is going to tell.

A series Bible is a reference document used by writers, directors, producers and actors for information about characters, settings and other elements of the show. In many ways, we are only beginning our research into what a sustainable city will be like in 50 years. Even so, we’ve decided to publish portions of the Gateway-TCR bible in order to share the foundations of Gateway: the City’s Reason with you. We want to describe “the stage” upon which our stories will be told and we welcome your ideas.

How it could be and how we get there.