The Sustainable Stage

stagecraftAll the world’s a “sustainable” stage. It’s about context. It’s about the platform upon which Gateway-TCR stories take place. We did a presentation on this topic at the 2013 Webster University Sustainability Conference (see Media Room).

In developing the series concept, we asked: What would it be like to live in a future more like Roddenberry’s Star Trek than Huxley’s Brave New World? What would life be like in a sustainable city? What would it be like to live in a place that practiced good old fashioned conservation of resources and at the same time developed advanced technology to do the same?

Stories, film and television can help people bridge the gap between what is now and what is possible. Gateway: the City’s Reason envisions a future with mostly positive outcomes — where good old American optimism touches everyone. That’s the stage upon which Gateway-TCR stories take place. And we think it’s a stage that citizens should see more of today.

The pages in this section contain content that we — and our “stage hand partners” — use to create the sustainable stage upon which Gateway-TCR stories will take place. They are  the foundation of the “series bible” (see below) and they are the “content verticals” which hold communications meaningful to our various audiences.

A series Bible is a reference document used by writers, directors, producers and actors for information about characters, settings and other elements of the show. In many ways, we are only beginning our research into what a sustainable city will be like in 50 years. Even so, we’ve decided to publish portions of the Gateway-TCR bible in order to share the foundations of Gateway: the City’s Reason with you. We want to describe “the stage” upon which our stories will be told and we welcome your ideas.

How it could be and how we get there.