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NOWshowingGateway — How it could be and how we get there. Series synopsis:
When high profile crimes shock 2064 St. Louis – right before an international water treaty conference is scheduled to come to town lockandload– a detective’s investigation takes him on a series of journeys deep inside of Gateway (the city, the game, the machine, the code, and the reason). He steps through virtual boundaries to find places of unimaginable beauty, incredible danger and strange twists on the comfortable realities he has come to know. He must struggle to connect the clues he discovers on these journeys to the real current events that threaten the fragile rivergirlwasherlight2balance that his home town enjoys. St. Louis is a sustainable community where the current needs of its citizens are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Gateway-TCR is not a utopia or a dystopia. There are still crime and passion. Baseball and apple pie. A delicate balance between progress and conservation exists. There is struggle and there is wonder… but for all of this, there was a price. There is always a price.



How it could be and how we get there.