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Any candidates like Bernie out there?

What is it that actually makes a candidate a Berniecrat?

Let’s assume that we want to find, develop, support and elect candidates who are “like Bernie” at the local, state and national levels. They could be from a new party: the New Progressive Party or the New Independent Party or the New Green Party, OR they could currently be Democrats, Greens or Independents. We’ll call them Berniecrats (for now) because we’re looking for candidates like Bernie.

After following Bernie’s Political Revolution for more than a year, it appears that there are four basic traits — under which a number of policies & positions would fit — that would make a Berniecrat. It’s also obvious that candidates with these traits would get the votes of not just progressives, but also millions of moderates and independents:

1) A Berniecrat cannot be bought (except by the people). They accept donations only from individuals and therefore will unlikely be tempted to become a “part of the establishment.”

2) A Berniecrat actively supports issues that will save our representative democracy (so we can use our power to “peacefully” bring about necessary change).

3) A Berniecrat actively supports — and puts a priority upon — policies that will save the planet (because we’ve got no where else to go).

4) A Berniecrat will now and forever fight inequality in all its forms.

What do you think are the specific traits of a Berniecrat, and how might we vet them and fund them going forward?