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Clinton, her team, Obama and the Clueless Democratic Establishment are Culpable for the Coming Fourth Reich


And the live-in-the-bubble-heads are surprised at the anger in the country? Despite what the snarky Clinton & DNC apologists say, economic anxiety exists even if Obama did “save” the economy. [Yes, he pulled us out of the toilet while battling GOP RACIST obstructionism.] However, what he saved was a screwed up system that was already destroying the middle class. If only Clinton’s “world class political operatives” would have recognized and dealt with this, we wouldn’t now be dealing with the Fourth Reich and a GOP dominated federal government. Clinton’s team and Obama defending his “economic” legacy are culpable. A little attention to this immense issue (and the fact that it’s 270 electoral votes and not the popular vote that elects presidents) would have overcome all the fake news, the massive right wing conspiracy against the poor Clintons, the nasty Russians, Wikileaks, James Comey & the FBI, the lame mainstream media, as well as the nation’s appalling misogyny and racism. Hell, she just needed 100,000 more votes in the right places. The damage done by Trump and the GOP-dominated federal government IS ON CLINTON, OBAMA AND THE CLUELESS LEADERS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND NO ONE ELSE.

It’s time for OurRevolution!