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Analytics in Like a Lion


Like the month of March across most of the United States, Gateway-TCR’s first analytics report came in like a lion.

Change from early January 2015 to early March 2015 is as follows:

  • Sessions: +449%
  • Unique Visitors: +433%
  • Pageviews: +638%

These increases are tied to our aggressive social media and content campaigns, and the unique and interesting content being posted on in Q1 2015.

Conservative projections are for continued traffic growth for the rest of Q1 and through Q2.  That conservative growth would get Gateway-TCR to 2190 sessions/month, 1470 unique visitors/month and 5340 pageviews/month by the end of June — WITHOUT the next episode segments: Segment 1.2 and the Pilot Prelude.

If production schedules and budgets allow completion and posting of Segment 1.2 and/or the Pilot Prelude before the end of Q2, we project traffic will be 9,000 sessions/month, 9,000 unique visitors/month and more than 30,000 pageviews/month by the end of June.

Advertisers and sponsors take notice!

A New Game of Drones

Gateway-TCR is a poli-sci-fi television drama set in 2064 where the story of a whole city, nation and planet must be rewritten. It’s not Game of Thrones, but there will be drones to deal with… watch a sneak preview.


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