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Is Your Business a Part of the Solution? Take the Lower True Cost Audit to see if you qualify for a Gateway-TCR discount.


This is a quick audit to determine if your brand or enterprise might have business traits that are “lower true cost” marketable differences, i.e., unique selling points that could position your brand as top-of-mind, leader-of-category, for citizens who are shopping for more than price and convenience, for citizens who are shopping for products and services that have a “lower true cost” to their health, to the environment and to society. Interest and demand for “lower true cost” products and services is already strong and will only grow in the coming years. Are you ready? Find out. Take the audit.


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Our fan database count was 1,500 before we posted the first episode segment. Our Viewer Petition Campaign is gaining momentum and will illustrate that there is a growing fan base with interest in the series. (We share the petition results with potential sponsors.)


Creative Services

We assume that you have your own advertising agency or in-house marketing communications function. If not, one of our Gateway communications arts team – who are born story tellers and who offer uniquely-targeted, creative content via their own agencies when not working on Gateway-TCR – can help you develop your current sustainability messaging and integrate it with the media opportunities that Gateway-TCR offers.

Gateway-TCR communication arts teams are available to create more than just pretty content. We believe audiences want and deserve meaningful communications. They want something believable and something to believe in. Perhaps your brand has something meaningful to offer. We can help you communicate its true value. Maybe it’s lower true cost? We’re reminding our clients that citizens are starting to shop more than just price. They’re shopping for products and services that have lower “true costs” to their health, to the environment and to society. And these days, what could be more “meaningful” for a brand than a positive impact on the planet and its people?

The Gateway team can help you develop future brand stories, interesting materials for your content marketing campaigns or something as simple as a fun cross promotion with the Gateway-TCR franchise.

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