Work for You.

The communications arts team working on Gateway can work for you.

Because we want to move the needle on True Cost Business and because nature – the only true job creator – requires us to
work to keep food on the table and smart phones in our pockets, the Gateway creative team wants to work for True Cost

Our teams have years of experience in the communications arts. Many on the team own their own communications businesses.
We need work in addition to the labor of love required to create Gateway-TCR. Under the banner of Gateway and Lower True Cost
Business, we’re searching for “good” work. True Cost Business work.

Advertising, Film, Video, Motion Graphics, Podcasts & Sound Marketing, Websites, Social Media Content, Speechwriting, Speaker Support, Public Relations, Infographics & Design, Webinars & Training, Case studies, E-Books & White Papers, Editorial & Publishing, Print Collateral, Events, Social Media Marketing, E-Mail Marketing and Lead Generation

Currently, Gateway-TCR is a vehicle for promoting True Cost Business. We invite businesses who understand and value
“adjacent content” to buy advertising for episode segments of Gateway-TCR. They will find that Gateway fans are very
interested in True Cost Business. We want Gateway-TCR to be associated with True Cost Business brands and companies and hope to find brands and organizations who are interested in associating their brands with a positive future.

We also offer creative services: storytelling, visual communications and wide array of communications arts to clients trying to do True Cost Business now. So, if you represent a True Cost Business, please consider the Gateway-TCR team for your communications arts needs.

Contact us via the form in the right hand column. The following sections explain how we might be able to help your True Cost Business.

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