Gateway-TCR True Cost Indices

As we said, True Costs Business starts now. The world can’t wait. Your customers can’t wait. Your business can’t wait.

Contact a Gateway TCB representative (using the form on this page) to discuss TCB tools that can help businesses display
their “good grades” and “make the grade” when it comes to Lower True Cost Business:

The GatewayTCB Listing an amalgamation of existing rating and certification organizations, services and sources for
Lower True Cost Businesses and their customers.

The Gateway TCB Audit – an audit for businesses to find out “their score” when it comes to Lower True Cost and positioning opportunities.

The Gateway TCB Index – a scoring system for Lower True Cost Businesses that provides customers with a yardstick to compare
brands, products and services. [It also provides third party endorsement and marketable differences that businesses can
use in their marketing campaigns.] The TCB Index will be published – initially on this web site – for business and customers
to use. In the future, we will develop an app for customers to use while they shop.

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