What’s Your Score?

The first thing we do when working with a new TCB client is to say, “SHOW ME.” After all Gateway-TCR has its roots in the heartland state of Missouri where we believe in backing up what you say. We’re going to ask you to “show us” how you are a Lower True Cost Business, and then we’ll show you how to use that status as a marketable difference, a USP (unique selling proposition/promise) and a positioning tool. We’ll help you incorporate third-party endorsements into a brand story and then distribute that brand story via unique connection strategies.

So, let’s start with a “lower true cost” quick audit for True Cost Businesses:


This is a quick audit to determine if your brand or enterprise might have business traits that are “lower true cost” marketable differences, i.e., unique selling points that could position your brand as top-of-mind, leader-of-category, for citizens who are shopping for more than price and convenience, for citizens who are shopping for products and services that have a “lower true cost” to their health, to the environment and to society. Interest and demand for “lower true cost” products and services is already strong and will only grow in the coming years. Are you ready? Find out. Take the audit.

whatif.orange.hardflushrighCitizens demanded information before they made any purchase and businesses were glad to supply it?


This is about old-fashioned positioning – with a twist. It’s about communicating the competitive advantages your products or services might offer. It’s about creatively positioning your brand as the new leader in your category or as the first brand in a new sub-category. It’s about openness and transparency and delivering information to your customers. And it’s about getting good grades.

You care about your business’ results – and so do we. But the fact is that today, more and more customers are starting to care about how you get your results. Sure, we will always sell that feel-good cloud of the brand that makes people want to be part of it. However, customers are starting to demand more information. They want to know what impact their purchases make on: the health of their families, fellow members of society and the environment. They want to support brands that support what they believe in – and they’re voting with their dollars.

And customers are finding ways to get the information they need to do just that. They’re relying on new organizations with new ratings and certifications like the Good Guide, Fair Trade and BCorp, as well as older organizations that have published valuable information for the public like Consumer Reports and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The Rainforest Alliance’s Shop the Frog program does a great job in helping businesses rate and label their “rain forest friendly” products and in communicating that information to customers.

So here’s the question: If you score well in these indices, why aren’t you using it to your advantage? And if you’re a truly discriminating customer, are you looking for these ratings and certifications on the products and services you purchase?

More and more consumers are demanding transparency in a product’s or service’s value stream from raw material to manufacture to sales to disposal and recycling. If you’re a Lower True Cost Business leader now, why not make it known to your customers? Why haven’t you positioned yourself as the first or leader in this category?

And if you don’t have a third-party endorsement or rating that gives customers the score on your brand’s environmental and social impact, then we can help. We can point you in the right direction to “get your grades,” and then we’ll help you turn those grades into a marketable difference in your customers’ minds (more on that in the following sections of this sub site).

For both citizens and businesses, we’re creating an amalgamated Gateway TCB list of rating and certification organizations and labels. It will be available on this site in early 2016. For businesses we’ve developed the Gateway-TCR Lower True Cost Audit [see above]. We can also assist businesses with Value Stream Analysis and Lean programs.

For citizens we are developing a series of “How to Shop Lower True Cost” videos and quizzes. (Available on this site in late 2015).

Find out more about the Gateway-TCR TCB Index, audits, quizzes and other programs in the following sections.

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