What is TCB?

True Cost  Business is done in a way that allows for the sustainable stage that Gateway: the City’s Reason imagines. The main rules for True Cost  Business at Gateway-TCR:

> no negative externalities (in other words all businesses must pay the true cost of doing business – or be moving in that direction)

A negative externality occurs when an individual or firm making a decision does not have to pay the full cost of the decision. If a good has a negative externality, then the cost to society is greater than the cost consumers pay for it. It is also a negative externality when the consumption or production of a good causes a harmful effect to a third party. Examples:

– If you play loud music at night your neighbor may not be able to sleep.
– If you produce chemicals and cause pollution as a side effect, then local fishermen will not be able to catch fish. This loss of income will be the negative externality.
– If you drive a car, it creates air pollution and contributes to congestion. These are both external costs imposed on other people who live in the city.
– If you build a new road, the external cost is the loss of a beautiful landscape which people can no longer enjoy.

completely open value stream (production processes), so that citizens have the information they need to “vote with their pocketbooks,”

> completely open and true product labeling,

In the future, True Cost Businesses must be strong enough and competitive enough to survive without government handouts, and in spite of the fact that alternative economies have been developed to supply many of the needs of citizens. In other words, the sustainable stage upon which the web television series Gateway-TCR is set, allows citizens the choice of “opting out” of the corporate capitalist economy and still be able “to make a living” in alternate economies.

True Cost Business entrepreneurs are free to innovate and build wealth (as long as they follow these rules)

Today’s Lower True Cost Businesses are:

  • truly sustainable brands,
  • products and services with sustainable processes,
  • brands with totally transparent value streams,
  • organic and local food,
  • local businesses,
  • small businesses (shop small),
  • businesses that pay at least a living wage,
  • co-op or employee-owned businesses (worker cooperatives),
  • businesses that allow their employees to unionize,
  • nonprofits,
  • credit unions.
  • community supported agriculture,
  • time banks,
  • community land trusts,
  • fair trade businesses,
  • and government agencies that employ citizens

If one of these definitions fits your business or organization, congratulations and thank you for being part of the solution! We wish you the best. You’re the kind of company the Gateway-TCR creative team roots for – we want you to win the marketing battle.

Of course, if you purchase goods and services from True Cost Businesses, thanks! You are a big part of the solution and we hope you will consider the good companies and organizations that advertise on Gateway-TCR.

If you are a True Cost Business and find yourself needing communication arts help, we would do our very best work for you. If you already have an agency, cool. Why not consider running an ad on the Gateway site or within one of the Gateway episode segments.

The next sections explain how we might be able to help you.

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