True Cost Business

Gateway: how it could be and how we get there.

The independent television series Gateway: the City’s Reason is set in a near future where our children live prosperously on a more healthy planet. In developing the series concept, we asked: What would it be like to live in a future more like Roddenberry’s Star Trek than Huxley’s Brave New World? What would life be like in a sustainable city? In a community that meets the current needs of its citizens without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs? What would it be like to live in a place that practiced good old fashioned conservation of resources and at the same time developed advanced technology to do the same? A community with an economic system that valued social justice, sustainability, mutualism, cooperation, democracy, innovation and above all – a fair game. What would it be like to live in a place that demanded and practiced True Cost Business?

How we do business is how we get there.

Stories, film and television can help people bridge the gap between what is now and what is possible. Gateway: the City’s Reason envisions a future with mostly positive outcomes – where good old American optimism touches everyone. That’s the stage on which Gateway stories take place. And we think it’s a stage that citizens should see more of today.

This section of our web site is aimed at both citizens and businesses. We want citizens to continue demanding true transparency from businesses about their products and processes, so that they can make informed decisions. We want businesses that share information and have highly-rated products to win their marketing battles. We are offering our communications arts services to help them “shout it out.”

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