What now for FeeltheBern?

  1. Bernie’s endorsement of Hillary is nothing different than his endorsement of Bill in 1996. It’s purely a defensive move – protecting us from a RWNJ administration. Yes, it’s the lesser of two evils, but it might be worth it depending on how far Hillary “snaps back” to the right, and depending on how progressive her judicial appointment are. YOU DON’T HAVE TO DONATE TO HRC OR VOTE FOR HER (HOPEFULLY BERNIE WON’T GIVE THE DNC HIS LIST “OF US!”) BUT EITHER WAY, DON’T DISAPPEAR — that’s the main thing that the establishment and the media expect and want. Dig deep and keep making noise on social media, local meetings, at the national convention, during the election AND ESPECIALLY after the election. The struggle continues. [See #7]
  2.  Consider joining Bernie in his brilliant political strategy to attempt to reform the corrupt Democratic party. It is the smart move to attempt to retake it and use it for the political change the people want and need. Let’s take it to Philly and make some noise. Let the establishment know that their days in power are numbered. Let them know we’re coming to reform the Democratic party or splinter it in the process. [See #7]
  3. Keep your leverage all the way until November. Don’t totally fall for the trumped up fear of Trump. The election is now a media and oligarchical side show. Don’t waste too much energy on it. HOWEVER, it would be great to get Jill Stein into the debates somehow. You can still vote Green or write-in Bernie — especially if the oligarchs and Hillary supporters stay in delusional denial. No matter what the outcome of the November election, our goal is to take over the Democratic Party or to displace it and start a new party. (See #7)
  4. Some “Party Platform” progress was made. However, not enough, AND party platforms are ignored by Democrats and Republicans. Policies that favor the oligarchs are coming under Clinton. We need to make noise about how Hillary has already ‘snapped back” to the middle and even to the right on a number of issues. Make noise before the election and after. If necessary, we can “primary” her ass in 2020.
  5. Continue to make noise about the rigged primary election process, especially with all the news being uncovered about the collusion. We should not let this be forgotten.
  6. Create/join a boycott of the ADVERTISERS of biased media and pundits.
  7. Join in building a FeelTheBern organization (that might become a future political party if the oligarchs block reform of the corrupt Democratic party). This organization needs to create a platform to which all candidates “pledge.” That will be a way for citizens to VET candidates so that we don’t end up supporting “mini-Hillarys” and  “mini-Trumps.” This organization would also set up a funding mechanism that is sourced ONLY BY INDIVIDUAL DONATIONS. The organization also recruits and trains candidates at all levels of government.
  8. Convince Bernie to continue his leadership. He is a “once in a lifetime leader” and the necessary glue — in the near future — to keep FeelTheBern together so that it can continue its growth.
  9. Vote everyday by becoming part of the Shopulist Movement.
  10. If you’re a business with Lower True Cost attributes, let citizens know about it!
  11. Stay aware. Convince others to “wake up!” Donate to new FeeltheBern organization (which Bernie will announce soon). Volunteer. Run for office.

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