Bernie’s Strategy Between Now & Philly

After Bernie’s meeting with Hillary it seems to be shaping up like this:
Bernie will not suspend or end his campaign. He will use its leverage to make a statement to the establishment and to make demands of the DNC:
  • Bye bye Debbie.– Hillary’s 2008 campaign manager and her plant in the DNC for 2016., she stacked the deck against Bernie from the start.
  • Open Primaries — If the primaries were all “open,” millions more Americans could have participated and Bernie would have won.
  • Same-day Voter Registration — The archaic rules about registration are nothing but voter suppression.
  • Bye bye Super Delegates — instituted to stop grassroots candidates like Bernie.
  • A truly progressive Democratic Platform that Bernie plans to hold Hillary to… she’s known for triangulating back to the center and is in fact really a Republican.
Who knows how much Bernie will get in this negotiation. Clinton and her minions are so cocky that they may refuse. If that’s the case, Bernie’s “endorsement” of Hillary will be a cold one.
[Keep in mind that Bernie is a man of his word and promised not to run 3rd party when he signed up for the Democratic primaries. Many of us want him to run 3rd party, but I think that’s unlikely. Of course, he will be watching for the results of the FBI Primary and will be ready should she be indicted.]
What Bernie will do is hold the Clinton’s feet to the fire — during the election and after the election.
I hoping that he will build an independent progressive organization that acts like a 3rd party and creates a lot of noise from the 2016 convention in Philadelphia all the way to Washington DC and the rest of the world for years to come.
Let’s see what Bernie says tomorrow.

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